City of Clifton Municipal Court. Working on an DWI Drug offense. Client completed my program of drug and alcohol counseling and looks great.

Mailing a letter to Santa outside the Holmdel Municipal Court. Defended a CDS Marijuana Possession case. Asking Santa for a Not Guilty.

Allenhurst Boro Municipal Court in New Jersey. DWI case.

Jackson Township Municipal Court in New Jersey. Possession of marijuana case.

Manchester Township New Jersey Court. DWI with an Interesting issue on whether officer had a right to stop vehicle

Teaneck Township Municipal Court. In New Jersey. DWI and Refusal charge. 8th court appearance appearance since March but we never give up.


Woodbridge Municipal Court. Dad was very happy with our result!

Watchung Borough Municipal Court.

Robbinsville Municipal Court. Drug charges resolved. Client smelling the fresh air.