Theft Crimes

Theft Crimes

If you have been charged with theft, and would like to speak with a lawyers about your options, please contact our law office to arrange a free consultation. Ray Raya has experience in criminal defense, representing individuals charged with offenses including the following:

Robbery/armed robbery
Weapons Offenses
Auto Theft
Receipt of Stolen Property
Criminal Mischief
Juvenile offenses
White collar crime
Theft by deception
Theft of Services
Passing bad checks
Theft by Extortion
Credit card fraud
Internet theft
Computer Theft

If you have been charged with theft,  you can only make a well-informed decision about how to proceed after discussing your case with an attorney with the appropriate experience. If you would like to speak with me, call 1-732-845-3203 or e-mail Ray at to set up a consultation.

I represent clients who have received a summons or been arrested on a wide variety of traffic and criminal offenses, defending them throughout New Jersey.

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