Blog Introduction

Criminal and traffic defense.  It takes a special breed to handle the cases of the truly innocent, the downright guilty and those caught in the middle.  I have always believed that even those charged with the most serious of offenses can be forgiven and may be afforded a second chance.  History, literature, pop culture and our own personal experiences each have examples of how people can come back and be a source of good in our society.

This is what drives me.  I believe in each and everyone of my clients and their ability to change their lives around.  I also believe very strongly that I have the skill and the power of persuasion to help my clients find the right path.

My goal for everyone that comes before me is to have them fully employed, continuing their education, involved in public service and getting help if they have a substance abuse problem.  Each of these are important for personal and court purposes.

The Judge and Prosecutor, who will in part decide your case, are skeptical of every defendant that comes before them.  Who is this person really?  Are they guilty or innocent?  Are they deserving of a break?  If I give this break to this individual or find them innocent, will they go out and committ another offense that will embarass or subject them to ridicule.  These are the unwritten laws of court and they are ones that it is important to master.

As this blog continues in the future, I will use it as a space to share the important aspects of criminal and motor vehicle law as well as my opinions and advice about the state of the law in New Jersey.  I welcome and and all comments and questions about this website, blog or any other aspect of my practice or