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My office handles criminal offenses, whether they are scheduled in Superior Court or simply in a local town’s municipal court. We are a relatively small firm and pride ourselves on personal attention and hard work. Through our caring practice, I believe that we have not only won cases, but have restored the trust that the public has in the legal profession — one person at a time.

With these types of cases, many people believe that simply paying the ticket is the right course of action. In many cases, it is not.

In preparing your case, we will first conduct an in depth consultation with you regarding the events surrounding the ticket or arrest. We will prepare your case by reviewing any eyewitness, police and lab reports, interviewing the police officer, and researching the relevant statutes and case law. These steps will allow us to present for you the best possible defense.

If you would like to speak with me, call 1-732-845-3203 or e-mail Ray at to set up a consultation.

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