License Restoration

Restoration of License

Types of Drivers License Suspensions

There are essentially four (4) types of license suspension in New Jersey:

  1. Surcharge Suspensions: A surcharge is levied on an individual’s New Jersey driver’s license when they accumulated 4 or more points, or commit an administrative infraction such as allowing their insurance to lapse or driving privilege to be suspended. When a surcharge becomes due but is unpaid, the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) suspends the individual’s driving privilege unless and until the unpaid surcharges are paid and/or an acceptable payment plan is agreed to by DMV. Failure to pay surcharges can become a recurring issue and extremely complicated to resolve. An attorney can often streamline this process;
  2. Close Out Suspensions: The most frequently encountered reason for a license suspension is what is referred to as a close out. A close out is a Court imposed suspension resulting from an individual’s failure to appear in Court, failure to pay a Court fine or failure to adhere to a Court Order, such as failing to perform community service, surrender a license, or perform IDRC. A warrant is typically issued when a case goes to close out and the warrant usually will not be lifted absent posting of the warrant amount or the appearance of an attorney on behalf of the defendant;
  3. Court Order: The reason for a license suspension can be as basic as a Court Order. A Municipal Court or Superior Court in NJ possess the authority to suspend an individual’s drivers license for such things as driving without insurance, driving while suspended, driving while intoxicated, or possession of CDS. A suspension may be modified, eliminated or run concurrent by a Court.
  4. Child Support Suspension: When an individual opens up a child support account with county probation in NJ, the individual’s driver’s license number is attached to the probation account. If the individual falls behind in paying child support, probation can issue a child support warrant and an order for suspension of the individuals’ driving privilege. The suspension typically will not be lifted unless the child support warrant and arrearage is satisfied and/or the warrant is recalled by Probation or the Court.

Only after discussing your case with an attorney with the appropriate experience can you make a well-informed decision about how to go about restoring your New Jersey license. If you would like to speak with me, call 1-732-845-3203 or e-mail Ray at to set up a consultation.

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