Snooki’s Case

Well, the smoke has cleared and we were victorious on behalf of Nicole Polizzi – Snooki from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” reality program.  The criminal charge for Disorderly Conduct was dismissed.  This was an enormous victory for Nicole and well deserved.  At no time were her actions ever criminal.  She is now vindicated and she and her family are so thankful to everyone who showed their support.


I must give high praise to the Seaside Heights Municipal prosecutor Kim Pascarella.  He is a true gentleman and made the absolute right call in agreeing to dismiss the criminal charge.

Judge Damian Murray was also a man of his word by allowing the plea agreement to go forward.  However, his comments to Nicole were extremely off base.  Comparing her to Lindsay Lohan was clearly inappropriate.  Lohan has a track record with multiple stints in rehab with multiple violations of probation.  Snooki has no prior criminal history.  It was an unfair characterization and unprecedented in the case of a first offender.  Nonetheless it was a clear victory for us to negotiate only a $500 fine and two days community service on a noise violation.

In the final equation, all that matters is the best interests of the client and we protected Nicole’s.

As Mae West, the vaudeville star once said, “It ain’t no sin to crack a few laws now and again, as long as you don’t break any.”  Essentially, Snooki cracked but did not break the law.