Mr. Raymond Albert Raya, Esq. announced that the Seaside Heights Municipal Court dismissed the criminal complaint and other charges against his client, Nicole Polizzi. Raya and Polizzi appeared in court today to contest complaints issued by the Police Department in response to actions that allegedly occurred on the beach on July 30, 2010.

Speaking on behalf of his client, Mr. Raya stated, “We are pleased with today’s outcome before the court. Clearly, we were able to demonstrate in a decisive manner that Nicole’s conduct was never criminal. My client apologizes to anyone who was affected by her silliness that day and is ready to move past this incident.”

Mr. Raya also stated that the judges interpretation of his clients behavior was completely unjustified, “the silliness that occurred on July 30, 2010 was an isolated incident in an otherwise stellar life of community involvement and public service, any comparison to other celebrity difficulties with the law are at best misguided and unfair.”

In court, Ms. Polizzi did plead to a violation of local ordinance 33:8D. The ordinance states that an individual cannot interfere with the enjoyment of the quiet use of the beach or public boardwalk. The court assessed a penalty of $500.00 and imposed one day of community service for violation of this ordinance. The criminal charge that she was facing could have carried a sentence of thirty days in the county jail, probation and $500.00 penalty.

On July 30, 2010, a Seaside Heights Police officer arrested Polizzi and served her with a citation for criminal disorderly conduct as well as creating a public nuisance. Later the Police Department served Ms. Polizzi with an additional charge. Today, in a plea arrangement, as is routine in these cases, the court dismissed all these complaints.