A Note Of Gratitude

A Note of Gratitude

I love what I do. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to make a difference in the lives of my clients. I fight for my clients every single day. I fight to resolve their legal matters in the best way possible. I fight to provide them with an opportunity to move forward in the most positive direction. I look beyond the troubles that brought them to me and see individuals who need someone who believes in them.

I recently received a letter about a former client. It was a note of gratitude. Such letters are sincerely appreciated and remind me how lucky I am to be a defense attorney. While they graciously thank me, I in turn want to thank them for their note and for allowing me to help them get that second chance.


Dear Ray,

Just a note to let you know how A. is doing and to express our sincere appreciation. It has been a difficult and challenging year for A. and us, but keeping our faith in God and with the love and support of family we have managed to survive it. A. has come to terms with the mistakes he made and the harsh consequences that followed. He is currently employed in a position that allows him to help others. God willing he has learned by his mistakes and will continue to lead a life he can be proud of. All the good that we see would not have been possible without you Ray. We thank God for putting you in our life at a time we desperately needed someone to lead us out of a desperate situation. Having A.’s charges downgraded, then dismissed, and finally expunged was instrumental in putting A. back on the path he was always meant to walk. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude and want you to know that you will always remain in our prayers.

As much as we highly respect your abilities as a lawyer, we hope and expect that we will never need your services again. Have a blessed life Ray, you so deserve it.

With much gratitude,
M. and J.